A Strong Wind Blows:

for the Open Web


  1. step01_strongwind_thimble

    To set up the game, get all participants sitting in a circle with no empty chairs. The facilitator, who is standing and has no chair, is the first to "play." Tell Learners that the topic is the Web. The facilitator makes the first statement, for example:

    • "A Strong wind blows for anyone who knows HTML syntax"
    • "A Strong wind blows for anyone who knows what CSS stands for"
    • "A Strong wind blows for anyone who thinks Wikipedia is always true"
  2. step02_strongwind_thimble

    As soon as the statement has been made, every person for whom the statement is true must jump out of their seat and find a new available seat. The person who made the statement is almost always able to grab a seat, which leaves a new person standing once all seats are filled. That person must then make a "strong wind blows" statement to continue the game.

  3. step03_strongwind_thimble

    An additional rule is provided for amusement and chaos, as well as for anyone unable to fashion a"strong wind" statement: the person standing may yell "Hurricane!", which compels all participants to scramble for a new seat.

  4. When the session facilitator is ready to bring the game to a close (after perhaps 5 or 10 minutes), they simply stand and refrain from grabbing a seat when other participants are changing positions.



Help clarify topics that didn't a lot of learners moving from their seats. Ask the learners questions that help them reflect on themes in the statements made. For example: