Welcome and introductions


  1. Welcome everyone to the space and review any important logistical items: bathrooms, food, water, etc. Help make sure that everyone has access to Internet and a power supply. Introduce folks to OpenNews, Webmaker, and Thimble; review the agenda for the event; and make sure folks have links to relevant documents, such as this kit!
  2. Start a go-round for introductions. Have each person give three items of information: Name, where they're from (however they want to define that), and what brings them to the event today.
  3. Wrap up in the welcome with an outline of some basic ground rules: respect time and the schedule; respect communication, so be mindful of vocabulary that might not be familiar to everyone; and the rule of one, rule of n: each person should speak 1/nth of the time.



Check in with participants to see if they have any questions. Discuss any areas of concern and transition to the HTML and CSS crash course.